• Let the light show begins

  • Let the light show begins

  • Let the light show begins

Enter the NEW World ofHoliday Lighting.

Synchrostars is the next generation of the successful BEATSYNC® technology. This patented technology drives different kinds of lights in sync with each other, in sync with your music and in sync with your budget.

  • Multi-shape
    Amazing shapes can be created and synced with the corresponding animation program with or without an App
  • Multi-sync
    Different lighting products in sync wirelessly for a great impression
  • Multi-lights
    Light strings, light strips and other lights with various costs are mixed to provide the best value for money
  • Music-Sync
    Beat is detected from music to sync with the light show

We are

BEATSYNC® is the proven industrial leader of music-sync holiday lighting with No.1 sales volume in North America. Synchrostars combines the upgraded version of BEATSYNC® with Ri-Fi® wireless technololgy, and Smart LED technology to provide the ultimate solution for holiday lighting all year round.

with scale.

Synchrostars brings the best lighting effects and most stunning animations to you with incredibly low per-led cost, lighting up any occasion you like with a larger scale.

The one
but not the only.

Synchrostars is one of the most advanced holiday lighting system in the world with 15 years of R&D and 10+ patents for wide technological advancements in the holiday lighting industry.

Using AI, the 2nd generation of BEATSYNC ® technology analyzes the style of the music and generates a brilliant light show that previously only a professional lighting designer can provide.

A user can also create their own light show for different songs and share with other Synchrostars users. Our community will grow. And more products from different vendors will join us.

The new product lines

Synchue Starter

70-LED Animated Light Strings

Synchue Basic

12-Strand 240-LED Light Strings

Synchue Advanced

12-Strand 240-LED Animated Color Light Strings

Synchue Professional

100-LED Full Matrix Light Strings

Home for Christmas

Our Christmas Style Guide 2021

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