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JISSC 2013 Synchro Stars - Jamaica, is extremely pleased to have offered Jamaica, once again, the opportunity to see live International Synchronized Swimming, by hosting JISSC 2013. Come down to the National Stadium this Friday/Saturday (4th/5th Oct) and celebrate with us!  
Welcome to Synchro Stars Jamaica! Parents & Synchro Swimmers: We are thrilled that you have decided to enter the wonderful world of Synchronized Swimming and that you have chosen to embark on this journey with us, Synchro Stars - Jamaica.
Too cute to swim freestyle? Try Synchro with STARS Welcome to Synchro Stars - Jamaica and our website portal, the premier location for Synchronized Swimming Information in the island.
The 1st Jamaican Synchronized Swimming Invitational Championships Synchro Stars (Jamaica) & ASAJ had the distinct pleasure of presenting 1st Jamaican Synchronized Swimming Invitational Championships 3pm - 6pm October 9, 2009 • Kingston, Jamaica W.I.  
What has your Synchro Club Done for you Lately? SYNCHRO STARS Activities... We are not a 5 or 10 year old club, we are young, extremely vibrant and hell bent on creating SYNCHRO WAVES!

Proud to be a SYNCHRONISTA ...
Along with Parents, The SSJ Head Coach, The SSJ Executive and Well Wishers, We salute and acknowledge the hard work and incredible achivement of our synchro swimmers in winning The IASJI Championships, held recently at the National Stadium - Jamaica. The STARS ROCK!!!

JISSC 2014 Watch!

6HOT on the heals of a very successful 2013 Championship, Synchro Stars is Proud to present 6. Yes, that's right, the 6th staging of Jamaica's Premier Synchro Championships - JISSC 2014 (the largest International Synchro Meet of its kind).

JISSC 6 - Summons (Updated January 2014)

Contact Address
c/o Institute of Sports
Independence Park
Kingston 6,

West Indies
Main contact: +1 876 408 0150
Executive & Technical Contact Information (View Full Executive Profiles)
Diahann Campbell: Chairman, t: +1 876-816-0150/408-0150, e:
Head Coach, t: +1 876-822-7827 e:
Webmaster, e:

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