For Business : Start The New Business From A Light Show Demo

Synchrostars is a system for controlling multiple lights to sync with music. It is the technological evolution of the traditional light decoration and a real innovation for the lighting industry overall.
Each light in the system can be controlled to form complex patterns. The lighting patterns can change automatically according to the music being played, resulting in a dynamic light show.
A proprietary protocol is used for communication between each product. All Synchrostars products are compatible with each other within a setting.

Not only the music beat is extracted to drive the sting lights, but also the music style is analyzed to arrange different lighting effects and sequence the light show. Individual light in a light string can be controlled to form complex lighting effects, text, and various animation.
so slow music will have smoother lighting effects while dance music may trigger strobe lights to kick in...
so the light tree will react to your music, light bat can fly, light deer can run...

Our unique approach of mixing traditional string lights and dot matrix light provides the best value for money.
Multi-Sync technology allows many compatible products to work together in sync to create a nice light show. Any product can be erected as the base unit while the others can act as the satellites.
Lighting pattern and colors are controlled by the base unit. Per unit cost is relatively low for easy adaptation by end-customers.

With a set of Synchrostars products, the user may want to use our App to select lighting modes, set up lighting programs, or even create light show sequences for different music pieces.
In general, the SynchroStars Lights combines the next-gen BeatSync®, animation and Multi-Sync for low per unit cost products to create the best system for the holiday lighting market.

l Matrix level lighting control
l Easy configuration
l Unlimited number of units
l Supports multiple types of lights
l Dynamic lighting effects
l Advanced music sync
l App supported
l Low cost

Start New Business From A Light Show Demo:

Discover why experts of the lighting industry are choosing Synchrostars to light up the world, Our team will be glad to arrange a demo to give you a complete overview of what makes Synchrostars the new standard in the lighting decoration industry.


Here is what you can expect from the demo:
• a walkthrough of the features and functionality of Synchrostars Lights and its collection.
• an expert overview from our sales team who can answer any question you may have.
• a full comprehension of what makes Synchrostars Lights the right choice for your projects.
• access to our documentation and assets to share with your team.